Mukuru Health

The Dispensary

The Central Dispensary was established in Mukuru in 1995 by the Medical Missionaries of Mary to meet the urgent need for a health service in the area. The dispensary serves virtually the whole of Mukuru slum and some surrounding estates, and is a lifeline to the community, offering a wide range of healthcare services.

Mother & Child Clinic

Large numbers of women regularly attend clinic days with their babies, making this one of the busiest and most popular components of the services offered at MMM – Mukuru.

Here, the weight of babies is closely monitored, and babies who are found to be underweight are immediately put on nutritional supplements. They are then closely monitored until they have regained sufficient weight and strength.

With their consent, Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) is also encouraged to establish their HIV status. Those mothers who test Positive are immediately asked to join support groups to help in terms of follow-up counselling and medical care, including nutritional and psychological support.

Other services provided at the Clinic include a Nutrition Programme, Social Work & Counselling Service, Children with Special Needs, and a HIV and TB Programme.