Mukuru Scouts

Kenya has a long and proud tradition of scouting, and it is here that the founder of the scouting movement, Robert Baden Powell is buried close to Mt Kenya.

There are scout troops in almost all the main schools in Mukuru, introduced by caring teachers to instil a sense of pride and discipline in the young children in their care.

However, despite their best efforts, few of the scout troops in Mukuru can aspire to the great ideals of the scouting movement, as they barely struggle to equip themselves with a few well-used uniforms, donated by well-wishers, and lovingly cared for by the children, and then passed down from class to class over the years until they are virtually thread-bare.

Sadly, at national events and jamborees, the ideal of Mr Powell , that the scout uniform “covers up all differences of class and country”, is sadly misplaced, when the Mukuru scouts’ uniforms mark them out from a very different class to the impeccably turned-out troops from more affluent schools and regions. Nonetheless, they wear their uniform with pride and honour, as can be seen in our photographs.

Senior teacher at Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School, Mr Martin Adera (seen above parading his scout troop), is chairman of HARAMBEE MUKURU Scholarship Fund, and a champion for the cause of the children of Mukuru.