Education Scholarship Fund

why we sponsor secondary students

In the slums of Nairobi, the basic needs of food and healthcare are often the most urgent and immediate priorities for parents of young families, many of whom live well below the poverty line.

In their daily struggle to survive, ‘luxuries’ such as education and study must take second place to meeting the basic day-to-day needs of food water and medicine.

Yet, parents recognise too that in the long-term, possibly the only chance their children will have of escaping from a life of hardship and suffering in the slums is through education.

And they will often sacrifice everything else, even their own health, to try to give their children this chance for a better future.

hungry for education

In 2003, when free primary education was introduced by the government of Kenya, thousands of children flocked to fill the available places in local primary schools – hungry for education.

However, when these same children successfully completed their primary schooling, particularly for those who achieved high grades, few families in the slums could afford the prohibitive cost of fees to allow their children continue into secondary school.

Harambee Mukuru works to address these problems by awarding secondary school scholarships to needy and deserving children from the slums.

Between 2006 and 2013, 90 students have been awarded scholarships, and almost fifty have already completed their final secondary exam (KCSE) with commendable results.

gender inequality

Often in Kenya cultural stigma about girls in school, along with physical abuse and early marriage often prevents female students from continuing their education and undermining their academic dreams and ambitions.

Harambee Mukuru guarantees at least 50% scholarships to girls.