Mwangaza News

Mwangaza News; created by student graduates of the Harambee Education Programme for teh community of Mukuru/Embakasi, Nairobi.

Mwangaza News (July 2013 edition); created by student graduates of the Harambee Education Programme for the community of Mukuru/Embakasi, Nairobi.

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Mwangaza is a Swahili word meaning a ‘Beacon of Light’

unused laptops


Mwangaza is a local monthly newspaper for Mukuru, initiated and supported by the Harambee Education Programme. The Mwangaza project has been designed to create career and further study opportunities to graduates of the Harambee Education programme. It will also provide salaries to assist with college fees and living expenses


Unlike much of the negative media coverage of slum communities, Mwangaza will strive to promote a positive image of Mukuru with a view to uplifting the spirit and civic pride of the community. And, with direct links to our partner schools in Mukuru, and also the Medical Missionaries Dispensary and Clinics there, we will place a strong emphasis on educational and healthcare topics of benefit to the community at large. Entrepreneurship, social issues,  local sporting talents and achievements will also feature prominently.


Mwangaza will be designed and produced by a production team of graduates of the Harambee Education Programme. To help reduce our set-up costs though, we are appealing to friends and supporters to donate their old and disused laptops, mobile phones and digital cameras. You will understand that we can only accept good quality items, capable of being upgraded to a good standard, with capacity to run editing suite programmes like Adobe Photoshop and In Design.

During set-up, team members will learn all the necessary skills and crafts to produce a high quality newspaper. These include: journalism & photography, sales & marketing, management & accounting, design & layout, among many others. These are all skills that can lead to well paid and satisfying careers for our team as they progress through life.

All personal data on the equipment you donate will be securely wiped and cleaned before the equipment is upgraded to meet our needs.